Want to save money? Don’t rely on a home inspector to catch HVAC issues

There are reportedly 110 new Austin residents every day, which has been a boon to the real estate market for sellers. Homes for sale in Austin are averaging just 10 days on the market – making it the fastest-moving housing market in the country, according to a report published by ZipRealty. The report also showed the median home sale price in Austin is up 14% from 2013 – the second largest year-over-year increase in the

AC Replacement vs. Repair

It is often brought up when is a good time to replace your air conditioner and not repair it. When it begins to fail there are so many scenarios that run through your head. Here are things to consider. Utility Bills Most systems have a life expectancy of 10-13 years. At 10 years the cost to repair say a capacitor could be hundreds of dollars and this will have no positive effect on your utility

Wireless Web Enabled Thermostats

Wireless devices are everywhere; in our vehicles, computers, phones, offices, homes and the list goes on! But a wireless thermostat; isn’t that a little too much? I mean really, is this new technology for the sake of new technology or are there real benefits to wireless thermostats? That is the question, and here is the answer; YES! Now call your HVAC Company and have them change all your thermostats! What? Oh, you want to know

How Your New Hydronic Heating System Works

What is Hydronic Heating? Hydronic heating, very simply, is the use of hot water (hydro) for heating a space. For many years large buildings have used hydronic heating in conjunction with boilers for heating (remember the old radiators?). In the North many residential homes are heated with residential sized boilers due to the long heating season and the higher efficiency of hydronic heating. Here in Central Texas we employ a similar system but on a