How Air Conditioning is Used as a Marketing Tool

The smell of freshly baked cookies as you walk by Mrs. Fields. The deliciously doughy scent coming from Auntie Anne’s. The irresistible aroma of Cinnabon. One minute, you’re walking through one of Austin’s many malls – not hungry – the next, you’re holding a giant cinnamon roll. Sound familiar? These are examples of scent marketing – diffusing an artificial, amplified version of a business’ signature scent through heating and air conditioning vents in order to

Want to save money? Don’t rely on a home inspector to catch HVAC issues

There are reportedly 110 new Austin residents every day, which has been a boon to the real estate market for sellers. Homes for sale in Austin are averaging just 10 days on the market – making it the fastest-moving housing market in the country, according to a report published by ZipRealty. The report also showed the median home sale price in Austin is up 14% from 2013 – the second largest year-over-year increase in the

Two Stage Air Conditioners

Two stage air conditioners have gained significant popularity in recent years, and rightfully so. Once a property owner experiences the benefits of two stages, it’s hard to go back. In many cases, our customers tell us that they feel comfortable during summers at higher indoor temperatures, and that they feel the benefits of reduced humidity every time they walk through the door. A two stage air conditioner can back off to operate at 60% of

Residential Kitchen Hoods – Improving your Home AC Efficiency

Restaurant owners are very familiar with the comfort issues associated with unbalanced kitchen hoods, but how does this relate to residential kitchens? New codes and potential changes to accommodate these changes are leading residential constructors to consider adding make-up air systems to homes. These make up most of the air lost to the kitchen hood. As kitchen hoods get bigger and more powerful, using a high end kitchen hood at maximum settings for long periods

Austin Energy Rate Increase: Compare your Costs

A 7 percent average rate increase came into effect in Oct. 2012 for Austin Energy utility bills. It is the first base rate increase by Austin Energy in 18 years. The following is a sample rate comparison to help you compare the old and new pricing structure:  

Your Home’s Air Conditioning Efficiency

Over the previous six months there has been more discussion on Air Conditioning efficiency and home efficiency than any other time in recent years! Since manufacturers, local utilities and the Federal Government are offering rebates people have a better understanding of SEER and EER (efficiency ratings) of air conditioners. Overall this is a good thing, but it only addresses half of the problem! The air distribution system (air ducts) are the other half of the