How to ah-choose! the right filter

Last time we talked about indoor air quality, we discussed using PHI generators to kill mold and other microbials polluting the air in our homes. However, if we stop there, we are left with dead particulates that can continue to contribute to allergy symptoms – as can a host of other particulates in our indoor environments. So now, we need to remove as many of those particulates as possible. We do so through filtration, which

Suffering from cedar fever? So is your HVAC system.

For those of us who suffer from cedar allergies, living in Central Texas can be a nightmare this time of year. What many of us don’t consider is that our HVAC systems can suffer from cedar (and other pollens) as well. Taking steps to minimize cedar pollen in the home will not only help allergy sufferers but also the performance of the HVAC system. Controlling pollutants such as cedar pollen is best achieved using a

Comparing and Choosing A Filter – Part Three

As a general rule, the filter is either determined by the manufacturer or by your service company when they install your system. This is an often overlooked, but very important, aspect of system design. First we will see how a filter should be sized and then see what the options are for the everyday homeowner after the fact. Choosing a Filter Based on Design: Today’s high efficient system need to be able to breathe to achieve

Comparing and Choosing A Filter – Part Two

Using the information we learned in the previous article, Understanding Filters, we are now ready to apply that knowledge to choosing the correct filter. Filter Types: Filter size, and we are not talking about the frame size, but the thickness of the filter. Filters are available from One inch thickness to five inch thickness for normal, everyday filter applications. The part of the filter that ‘catches’ the particles is called the media. The air, which

Which Air Filters NOT to Use

Early in this series we talked about “filter ratings” which amount are equivalent to a bucket of hogwash. We will see some of these here and discuss some other “over hyped” types of filters. The Home Depot Air Filter Performance Rating (FPR) System From the Home Depot Website: The Home Depot Air Filter Performance Rating System, tested by an independent third-party lab, measured all brands of air filters we sell by measuring: 1) ability to

Understanding Air Filters – Part One

Filters for your HVAC system are essential; yet most people do not fully understand their importance. Prevailing marketing hype only tends to confuse people even more! This article will establish what a filter’s job is, how we select the proper filter and the differences in the filter types. A Filter’s Job: Easy right; a filter is designed to “clean the air” of dust particles! Well, yes and no… The primary job of the filter is